Meet your hosts

Alex Knight: JEMcast, TheImpromptu, Polarized

I have been fascinated with technology since I was a kid, and thus have owned and operated many computers since the 80s, including: Atari, Commodore 64, IBM, and Macintosh. Up until 2008, the Macintosh was my favourite computer—I can say with certainty that now it’s my iPhone.

When I’m not writing at or working on FeedPress, a RSS analytics and podcast hosting service, I can be found on Twitter @ZeroDistraction.


Aleen Simms, Co-host: JEMcast

Aleen Simms is a prolific podcaster, guesting on many different shows. As the founder of Less Than Or Equal, every week she talks to geeky people about the things they love. Interviewing game developers, systems administrators, developers, journalists, and more. The catch? They almost all belong to a group underrepresented in geekdom: women, people of color, religious minorities, members of the LGBTQ community…. Less Than Or Equal is a platform from which all of these talented people can talk about anything ranging from their projects, the games they’re playing, and the challenges they’ve faced.

You should subscribe Less Than Or Equal and support Aleen’s work on Patreon.


Michael Norton, Co-host: TheImpromptu

Living in rarely sunny Vancouver BC, Michael feels most at home with a smartphone or a controller. He currently works as a front-end engineer at Finger Food Studios and moonlights as a UI/UX designer, currently working on Crunch 2, a modern code editor.

He loves his Apple Watch, and thinks iTunes for Mac isn’t that bad. He believes the female Commander Shepard is the only one worth discussing. He also happens to think dudes are pretty awesome (but mainly one in particular).


K. Tempest Bradford, Co-host: JEMcast

K. Tempest Bradford is a speculative fiction writer by night, a media critic and culture columnist by day, and an activist blogger in the interstices. Her fiction has appeared in award-winning magazines the likes of Strange Horizons and Electric Velocipede and best-selling anthologies Diverse Energies, Federations, and many more.

When not writing science fiction and fantasy or engaging in Interstitial arts she contributes articles, essays, blog posts, and reviews to io9, NPR, and various other media outlets. She enjoys commenting on media as much as consuming it and prides herself on being a “harsher of squee” when it comes to television, movies, books, and other entertainment that doesn’t live up to high standards.

She’s active in the SFF fandom community and volunteers for a number of non-profit organizations. In the past she’s served as a juror for the James Tiptree Jr. Award, organized fundraising auctions and salons for the Interstitial Arts Foundation, and raised funds for Clarion West, her writing workshop alma mater. Currently she serves on the board of the Carl Brandon Society, an organization dedicated to increasing racial and ethnic diversity in the production of and audience for speculative fiction, and is programming co-chair for WisCon 39, a feminist science fiction convention.

Tempest belongs to the New York City-based writer’s group Altered Fluid. You can find her blog and every other bit of relevant information about her at


Harry C. Marks, Host: Covered

Harry Marks is a novelist from New Jersey with a love for all things analog, especially typewriters. A voracious reader with aspirations of seeing his own books in bookstores everywhere, Harry started COVERED as a way to learn more about writing and publishing from the people who know it best, and then to share that knowledge with other aspiring authors.


Aaron Stewart, Host: Learn Me Something

Aaron Stewart, when not podcasting, is a talented trades person constructing all sorts of crazy film and TV sets in Vancouver, BC.

Aaron Stewart

Rich Plumb, Host: Learn Me Something

Rich Plumb is a married father of two. He has been in the Human Resources and Sales Industry for 17 years. Rich has a passion for debate, learning and fitness.

Rich Plumb

Tyler Street: Polarized

Tyler Street is a Canadian, Atheist, trouble making Surrey-Boy, and otherwise opinionated loudmouth. On Polarized, he shares his slightly biased views on life, religion, history, current events, strange beliefs–and as one of my hero’s once eloquently put it: “The thoughts that keep me awake at night, when I’m home alone and the power goes out” – George Carlin. Welcome to Polarized and may your stay be uncomfortable. Hopefully in the process, we can learn a fews thing from each other.

November 18, 2015