Hologram Radio Master Feed

This is the master feed for all podcasts on the Hologram Radio. Highly recommended!

The Self Advocate Podcast

The Self Advocate is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Julia Maria, who is joined by health and wellness specialists and everyday people about their personal struggles and how they overcame them. It’s a platform for everyone, to share knowledge about self care, and to learn how to be better advocates for ourselves.

The Impromptu

The Impromptu is a multi-faceted show discussing how technology, art, design and equality converge on topics that matter most to us. From gaming culture to film, and other forms of media, we examine the creative process and how the decisions we make, shape our perceptions and lives.


COVERED is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Harry Marks about writers and their books. Whether it’s fiction or non, short stories or long, sweeping epics, Harry digs down in each episode to learn the stories behind the stories, the whys and hows of their creation, and what readers and aspiring authors can learn from the process.

Learn Me Something Podcast

Learn Me Something is a podcast that celebrates our ignorance as the beginning of the search for truth. Every week we select diverse subjects outside our neurosphere. The intent is to learn/teach something, for all of us. Recognizing the evolving world we live in, our egoal is to teach critical thinking strategies to enable us to see past falsehoods.

Cereal Sommelier

Cereal Sommelier is a weekly tongue-in-cheek comedy podcast that examines Saturday morning TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s. Each episode features host Dave Caolo and a guest as they embark on a hilarious nostalgia filled review of a randomly selected TV show. Future TV shows are announced ahead of time, giving listeners the ability to watch while they listen, or before hand. Dave and guests will also pair the perfect sugar cereal to accompany an appropriate cartoon.


JEMcast is a weekly podcast providing in-depth analysis on every episode of the outrageous 80s cartoon show, Jem and the Holograms.


Polarized is a weekly podcast where we talk about things that tend to divide the public right directly down the middle.

The Write Gear

The Write Gear is a a podcast exploring all the gear, gadgets, writing implements, paper, and other tools writers use to get the job done. Featuring product reviews, author interviews, and a lot of geeking out about fountain pens.