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  • Canada Wants to Regulate Facebook

    The Canadian government says it wants to regulate Facebook and similar social media platforms, but how exactly are they going to do it?

  • Cannabis Is Now Legal In Canada

    Cannabis is now legal in Canada. We discuss it along with the newest crop of high-tech vaporizers that have been released. and what Adobe Photoshop for iPad will mean for the future of iOS and macOS.

  • Online Privacy: Paving The Way Forward

    Facebook is in hot water again with a major privacy snafu and we have a larger discussion about what we need to do to fix the online privacy mess we're in.

  • Twitter Capitulates And Bans Alex Jones

    Twitter capitulates and bans Alex Jones from its service. We examine a broader issue: why do so many people not understand what the constitutional law of free speech really means in America?

  • Cyberbullying

    Aaron and Rich delve into the rather complex and pervasive issue of cyberbullying. What's it like to be a kid growing up with Facebook and Snapchat?