Tag: Marvel

  • Disney+ And tvOS ❤

    Disney+ is going to be integrated into Apple TV and tvOS' upcoming "Channels," feature. Why is the service not coming to Fire TV and will Netflix capitulate and integrate with "Channels"? Plus, new materials being used for upcoming Apple Watch Series 5!

  • The Journey Is Far from Over

    Comic-con news, including an incredible trailer for Star Trek: Picard, Marvel Universe updates, and we discuss what micro LED technology means for Apple Watch.

  • Will Disney+ Succeed?

    Disney is going toe to toe with streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime later this year. For $6.99/month, it will include access to a large back catalogue of Disney properties, including original content, but will consumers buy into it? including The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Plus, they're going to create a ton of original content, but will consumers buy into it?

  • Saving DC Comics Movies

    Michael goes on a passionate tirade about DC Comics Movies and why they just can't keep up with Marvel. How can DC Comics save themselves and make their cinematic universe work?

  • Disney Bets on Streaming

    Disney goes all in on streaming.