Tag: Microsoft

  • Goodbye, Windows Phone

    Microsoft has announced the end of Windows Phone and is ceding the market to Android and iOS, but can one cede control when it never really had a slice of the pie?

  • 2019 Tech Predictions

    Our 2019 tech predictions for the year, from Microsoft to Apple, Sony, and more. Will Facebook get hit with a massive GDPR fine? And lastly, a deep dissection of how Facebook moderates its platform.

  • So Microsoft Makes Good Hardware Now?

    This week on The Impromptu, Microsoft had an event to launch new Surface products, but this time they aren't making the same compromises they used to.

  • Silicone Slip, with Chris Clarke

    iOS developer Chris Clarke from Midnight Drive Apps joins us to talk new MacBook Pros and a silent keyboard fix from Apple, why Swift as a programming language needs more work, forced OS upgrades, how Microsoft is doing great things with Fluent design, and why augmented reality is more practical than virtual reality.

  • Microsoft Surface Go

    Tom's Hardware accidentally breaks the embargo on Microsoft's new Surface Go notebook computer. We have the details on what it is, who it's for, and whether or not you should buy one.