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  • Will Disney+ Succeed?

    Disney is going toe to toe with streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime later this year. For $6.99/month, it will include access to a large back catalogue of Disney properties, including original content, but will consumers buy into it? including The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Plus, they're going to create a ton of original content, but will consumers buy into it?

  • Halloween Extravaganza 2018

    Aaron and Rich are joined by numerous guests to discuss why Halloween is awesome, including favourite monsters and spooky stories!

  • All Things Awesome

    Despite this being our 50th episode extravaganza and a slightly different format from what you're used to, we think this is a good time to reflect on some positive things in the world.

  • Learn Something About “Learn Me Something”

    Aaron, Rich, and Alex take a breather to gather their thoughts over the Easter weekend to reflect on the past 45 episodes, and do a little Q&A so that you can learn more about who they are.

  • Saving DC Comics Movies

    Michael goes on a passionate tirade about DC Comics Movies and why they just can't keep up with Marvel. How can DC Comics save themselves and make their cinematic universe work?