Tag: Sex

  • Sexual Advocacy In Today’s World, with Pega Ren

    This week on "The Self Advocate..." Julia chats with Pega Ren, a sex therapist. How do know when you need a sex therapist? Pega answers this question and many others, as well as discusses the #metoo movement, the recent Gillette commercial outrage, and sexual personalities.

  • Sex vs Gender

    This week on "Learn Me Something," Aaron and Rich delve into sex vs gender, which an expansion on the episode we did on gender identity.

  • Love Languages

    This week: Aaron and Rich delve into the love languages. What is a love language? The idea is simple: Break down and decode the different ways in which people communicate with their partners.

  • Orgasms

    Aaron and Rich delve into orgasms, the stats behind the disparity between men and women who have them, and what happens to your brain when you orgasm.

  • Understanding Pornography

    Aaron and Rich delve the origins of pornography and ask the existential question of the century: is it bad for you?