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  • Who Remembers NeXTSTEP?

    Devout Mac users are concerned about Marzipan apps not being proper native macOS apps, but who remembers the transition from NeXTSTEP to OS X? We've been through major transition periods before and came out okay. We explore a bit of macOS past in today's episode and also examine Mark Gurman's findings at Bloomberg on what's coming in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15.

  • Are We Ready for Foldable Smartphones?

    Samsung has delayed their foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, iFixit pulls their teardown of the Galaxy Fold, and is 2019 the year for a macOS app development surge?

  • You’re Folding It Wrong

    We talk about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and how it's incredibly fragile, why Apple isn’t always first with new hardware, Facebook harvesting 1.5 million user's email contacts, Apple hiring someone important from Lionsgate films for Apple TV+, and 2019 iPhone rumours.

  • Digital Distractions

    Are you distracted right now?