Tag: thriller

  • S4E10 – Steph Post, WALK IN THE FIRE

    Synopsis: Author Steph Post discusses her thrilling Judah Cannon series, including LIGHTWOOD and WALK IN THE FIRE, as well as her forthcoming supernatural novel, MIRACULUM, what it means to write […]

  • S3E10 – Chris Holm, RED RIGHT HAND

    Synopsis: Chris Holm, the author of The Collector Trilogy and The Killing Kind discusses his latest Michael Hendricks novel, Red Right Hand. He also talks about the allure of the […]

  • S3E7 – Aaron Mahnke, LORE

    Synopsis: Aaron Mahnke returns to talk about his podcast, LORE, and how he puts all the pieces together to bring his audience a thrilling new episode every two weeks. He […]

  • S3 E5 – Sarah L. Blair, DARKNESS SHIFTING

    Synopsis: Sarah L. Blair is the author of the new paranormal thriller, DARKNESS SHIFTING. On this episode, Sarah talks about her nine years writing the book, the decision to self-publish, […]