Tag: TV

  • You’re Folding It Wrong

    We talk about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and how it's incredibly fragile, why Apple isn’t always first with new hardware, Facebook harvesting 1.5 million user's email contacts, Apple hiring someone important from Lionsgate films for Apple TV+, and 2019 iPhone rumours.

  • Will Disney+ Succeed?

    Disney is going toe to toe with streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime later this year. For $6.99/month, it will include access to a large back catalogue of Disney properties, including original content, but will consumers buy into it? including The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Plus, they're going to create a ton of original content, but will consumers buy into it?

  • All in on Apple Services

    Apple held an event on March 25th to introduce the future of Apple services. There is a lot to unpack and we do so succinctly to explain what you need to know and why it's important.

  • Everything Is 4K?

    Galaxy S9 launch: we discuss the innovative new camera design and why it matters, the less than stellar new 960FPS camera mode, the affordable 4K TV future is here, and Microsoft unleashes a nice update to Xbox One X.