Tag: Video Games

  • The Facebook Exposé

    We unpack the news from last week's Facebook exposé at The New York Times. And as a bit of miscellany, Pokémon: Let's Go, Sony pulls out from E3, and the inscrutable Death Stranding!

  • I’ll Tap You When I’m Ready

    Follow-up on the Nvidia RTX platform, is Apple TV priced appropriately, multiple timers coming to HomePod, and how Apple has been good at preventing future products from leaking to the media.

  • What’s Inside A Graphics Processing Unit?

    A quick follow-up on the demise of Twitter's API, but the main topic is that of the Graphics Processing Unit. They're inside every computer you own. Do you really know what's inside a GPU, what makes it tick, and why it all matters? Nvidia announced its new flagship line of RTX GPUs, which among many things supports ray tracing. What exactly is ray tracing and why does it matter for the future of video games?

  • Bike Sharing

    The economics of bike sharing and why Europe seems to be doing it more successfully than North America. At the tail end, brief E3 2018 highlights.

  • eSports

    Aaron and Rich delve into what eSports are, its long history, and why it's so lucrative. Can you really make a full-time living as a career gamer?