51: The Twitter Catalyst

Special guest, K. Tempest Bradford (Sci-Fi & fantasy author) joins The Impromptu for a discussion about Twitter’s continued reluctance and/or inability to provide the necessary tools to users to combat harassment and abuse. Since the recording of this episode, Twitter has announced the addition of some tools that will hopefully help a lot of people manage their timeline. A link is provided in the show notes to their announcement.

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50: The Nintendo NX… No wait, Game Boy

For some reason it didn’t occur to us before, but the Nintendo NX should really be called Game Boy. For so many reasons, based on the almost certain to be design, it’s a next generation console that doubles as a portable device. We talk about this, in-depth, and so much more. Also on the podcast this week: More discussion about the PS 4.5 and how Sony really need to do something significant with the PlayStation’s UI/UX, how Microsoft is better at software, and finally, is the iPhone 7 going to have a purely cosmetic asymmetrical speaker grill?

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49: The Duplo of Consoles

Title and featured image aside, this week’s The Impromptu is *not* about the Sega CD. Alex thought “The Duplo of Consoles” was a clever title, based on something Michael mentioned about the Sega CD’s design when Alex complained about the multiple (giant) power bricks. This week, Michael does some follow up with additional information about what we know about the Nintendo NX, as well as the incredible first-party titles that will likely be released within the first 6 months of release. At the tail end of the show, a quick update on some iPhone stuff: namely new colours and Lightning EarPod designs.

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48: Pokéwhat?

The Impromptu is back after a month-long hiatus. Michael updated Alex on what happened and the current status of his health. Michael and Alex also talked a little about Pokémon Go, how it’s become a cultural phenomenon spanning the globe, and the exciting rumours about the Nintendo NX console.

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