The Impromptu

2: Welcome Back – Part 2

Synopsis: Alright so here’s part 2 of our epic “Welcome Back” episode, celebrating the new format and relaunch.

Recap: The Impromptu is no longer a weekly “what’s new in tech” show. We decided there’s a glut of podcasts that already cover that really well, so we now just talk about our passions as they relate to video games, comics, film, art, and other forms of media.

Gender equality and representation is something we broach in this first half of our return to greatness (expect more discussions on this as we tread into new territory for the show). Over the next few weeks we shall be inviting some guests on of the opposite gender as we attempt to diverse our conversations to include different perspectives.

Part 2 may be over, but we recorded so much content at that the next two episodes are also split into two! WOAH. Hold on to your saddles because it’s going to a wild ride.

Duration: 1:02:18

Present: Michael, Alex

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