5: Un Console Able

Synopsis: Get ready for a long but worthwhile episode of Unconsoleable The Impromptu, with special guests Anna Tarkov and and Jessica Dennis!

This episode is a bit of a snafu because Alex screwed up his audio track and we had to scrap it. This means the audio quality takes an unfortunate nose dive as we had to use the master track from Audio Hijack for Alex, Anna, and Jessica (hence why their voices come out of the right channel and Michael’s out of the left). We grovel at your feet and apologize profusely for this. Episode 6 will be back up to our usual ridiculously high production standards.

After a rocky start, we kick it into high gear and rant about DC Comics and their lack of diversity amongst all of the titles in their lineup, terrible and impractical female superhero costumes, the need for a Miles Morales Spider-Man, GamerGate controversy, and how do you solve the larger issue of boys growing up into men that lack empathy and have misogynistic tendencies? As a society, what can be done, if anything, to help raise empathetic, loving, and tolerant people?

Around half way through, we veer into discussion about TV shows like Buffy, how awesome Anthony Head’s voice is, Covert Affairs, Lost, Quantum Leap, Enterprise, Jem, and Jenny Garth’s home renovation show.

Duration: 1:44:16

Present: Michael, Alex, Anna, Jessica.

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