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7: We Might Lose People to This


Part 1

It’s just Michael and Alex this week as we take a break from controversial topics. Sony announced a release date for their Project Morpheus VR headset and dropped some technical details about the current version of the hardware. It seems like they’ve made some notable design improvements, namely it’s lighter, has more sensors, a higher refresh rate, and lower latency. This isn’t the first time companies have dabbled in VR, but were encumbered by technological limitations.

We’re pretty excited about not only what the hardware will be able to do, but what new opportunities lie for game developers to build amazing new experiences that go beyond games. What would it be like to come home after a long hard day at work, put on your VR headset, and walk through a rainforest? Or how about taking a stroll on the surface of Mars? If this VR tech turns out to be as good as some are saying, the future of gaming could change dramatically.

With realistic VR experiences and growing concern that humanity is forever getting lost in technology with respect to ubiquitous smartphone usage, what would happen if a large portion of society uses VR? How will it affect our relationships with one another? Will we forever be lost in a fantasy world?

Part 2

Microsoft announced a big push towards a single cohesive experience between Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. With cross-buy, the consumer purchases a game once and they can play it anywhere and any time on a Windows 10 or Xbox One device. The lines separate platforms are slowly eroding and we think this will be a big deal.

Nvidia unleashed a very science fiction looking Nvidia Shield console which will pair nicely with their new game streaming service; inaccurately mentioned as the world’s first streaming service. Remember, PlayStation Now was built off of Gaikai, the game streaming company that Sony acquired in 2012.

Part 3

Alex places a pre-order for the insanely awesome collector’s edition of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain (horse poop edition), Michael suggests Mass Effect 2 as the starting point into the series for Alex, the Square Enix online store goes offline for an entire month whilst they rebuild it, Wolfenstein: The New Order has some annoying AI bugs, how Dragon Age Keep allows you to carry through choices from previous games into Inquisition, terrible lip sync and unrealistic eye movement in modern games, and Sony’s many squandered opportunities to properly market the Vita.

Part 4

Michael and Alex talk about how big smartphones are less of an issue now that we have smart watches. Most of the common tasks we do every day such as: messaging, calls, and acting on notifications are all handled gracefully by the Apple Watch. Next year it’s likely we’ll be getting an iPhone 6s Plus (or whatever it will be called).

Last but not least, we wrap by touching on some of the interesting concept designs Neill Blomkamp has made for his vision of a new Alien movie, how Agents of Shield is tying in movie continuity, Marvel’s awesome looking Daredevil Netflix series, and how Michael feels optimistic that we’ll see a Miles Morales version of Spider-Man in an upcoming film.

Duration: 1:24:38

Present: Michael, Alex

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