10: Anyone Up for A Game of Poker?

Synopsis: We’re a bit behind in posting episode 10. Alex takes full responsibility for ending up in a food coma after the Easter holiday break.

Michael and Alex start off by watching the new Bond movie trailer: Spectre, which veers into a discussion about how the Bond franchise is now revisiting some classic story elements, retold in a modern way. The bar has been raised with modern story telling, what with the proliferation of incredible shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black, and Daredevil. Even James Bond movies need to have more than just incredible stunts and explosions.

The X-Files are coming back as a 6 episode mini series. Show creator Chris Carter confirms that cast and crew will return to Vancouver for filming. We can barely contain our excitement for the return of this amazing Sci-Fi series.

Deadpool is filming in Vancouver with Ryan Reynolds at the helm. The costume looks absolutely perfect and we were quite surprised to see the white lenses.

Suicide Squad looks like it’s putting together an interesting cast, including Jared Leto as the Joker. Michael and Alex both agree that Leto’s solid acting chops and method acting will work perfectly to create a spectacularly creepy Joker.

In a sad bit of news, thousands of people are losing their jobs as Best Buy shutters it’s sister company, Future Shop, across Canada. This is yet another blow for big box retail stores in Canada, as this is hot off the heels of Target closing down its stores in Canada. Alex discusses his theory about why Future Shop failed to stay relevant as well as why Best Buy will fold within the next 3 years in Canada.

We wrap the show by quickly touching on the controversial bill in Indiana, regarding religious freedom.

Duration: 1:23:22

Present: Michael, Alex.

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