The Impromptu

8: He Just Wants His Cheese


Part 1:

With guest Aleen Simms from The Less Than Or Equal podcast, we talk about the Batman’s personality and character traits, the controversial variant (and now pulled) Batgirl cover, some welcome changes with respect to female superhero costume redesigns (Wonder Woman has pants!), how comics very much still feel like a “boys club,” how Superman made little effort to mitigate collateral damage in “The Man of Steel,” Porthos the dog from Enterprise, Zack Snyder’s disturbing “Sucker Punch” movie, and the general lack of gender diversity and LGBT characters in comics.

Part 2:

Turns out companies still gender stereotype the toys they produce for girls and boys. Because everyone knows cross-bows or Lego marketed towards girls won’t be appealing unless they are pink!

Part 3:

Veering into a discussion about Star Trek, we debated the surprising lack of presence with respect to LGBT characters in Star Trek.

Duration: 1:34:33

Present: Michael, Alex, Aleen.

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