9: He Wants to Hang Off A Plane


Part 1:

Marvel’s new Thor is a woman and it turns out she’s outselling the old male Thor! Proof that gender diversity is a good thing, not only because you should, but because it affects your businesses bottom line.

Part 2:

On a rather more personal note, Alex talks about the erosion of bisexuality in film, how asexuality is misunderstood and stigmatized by society, and his own personal experience with how judgemental friends and family can be when your appearance and sexuality don’t neatly fit into what society at large considers “normal.”

Part 3:

David Hayter (AKA “Snake”) in Guyver: Dark Hero, the new Mission Impossible movie and how Tom Cruise’s insurance must be astronomical, how Paul Rudd is using improv in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, and who would replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear if he’s “sacked?”

Duration: 1:19:55

Present: Michael, Alex.

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