All in on Apple Services

Synopsis: Apple held an event on March 25th to introduce the future of Apple services. There is a lot to unpack and we do so succinctly to explain what you need to know and why it’s important.

iAll in on Apple Services

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Duration: 1:15:00

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight

Episode Notes

Apple services March 25th event

  • Apple News
    • News must be trusted
    • #1 news app
    • Introducing magazine subscriptions
    • Apple News +
    • Lots of the big publishers you’d expect from news, sports, fashion, etc
    • Magazines can have live covers, adding a great visual component to peak your interest. Gorgeous layouts with beautiful typography, full size high resolution photos, optimized for modern devices (bye bye PDFs)
    • Advertisers cannot track your behaviour
    • $9.99/month + free access for your entire family
    • Now available in Canada in both English and French, and will include a lot of Canadian content
  • Apple Pay
    • Coming to major transit services, first Portland, Chicago, New York
    • New service: Apple Card (rethinking the credit card)
      • lower interest fees
      • better rewards
      • Privacy and security baked in
        • Unique per device card number
        • authenticated with Touch ID and Face ID
        • Apple does NOT know what you bought, where you bought, or how much you paid for it
        • All privacy handled locally on the device in secure enclave
        • No user data sold to third parties
      • once approved, you get access to your credit card immediately in your wallet (no waiting for it in the mail)
      • Apple Wallet provides stats on your card
        • spending habits, week by week or by month
        • instant chat support directly from Apple
        • No cryptic statements, using machine learning and maps data to show actual names of businesses you bought from
        • Daily cash (cash back rewards) This is a big deal
          • Use it to spend in stores, send to friends, pay off your balance
          • 2% daily cash back
          • 3% daily cash back when purchasing from Apple Stores
        • No penalty interest rates (didn’t mention the number), even if you miss one payment
        • Interest rate goes between 13% and 24% “depending on creditworthiness”. Not actually that low.
        • Partnered with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard
        • For places that don’t support Apple Pay, you can use the physical card, mede out of titanium
          • Beautifully minimalist design, no CVV or card number data
  • App Store
    • New service: Apple Arcade. World’s first mobile gaming subscription service (working with a lot of big game devs on this)
    • cross platform between iOS and macOS
    • Empowering developers with an easy API
    • Single subscription with exclusive games (100+)
    • Arcade will have a separate tab in the App Store
    • Offline capability
    • Pickup where you left off on any device
    • No ads and no additional in-app purchases
    • Parents can limit access to time spent on the service
    • privacy and secure (no tracking without your explicit consent)
    • Family members can use the service without paying
    • Available this fall in over 150 countries (pricing to come later)
  • TV
    • Network tv services integrated into Apple TV
    • Internet based provides like Hulu and Playstation Vue integrated in
    • Apple TV Channels
      • Only pay for what you want
      • All in one app
      • On-demand with no ads
      • Offline access
      • Best possible audio and video quality
      • Redesigned app to make it easier to find what you want
      • Curated content suggestions
      • Personalized content for you, using machine learning
      • Live sports (notifications from your favourite teams)
      • No more separate apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc
      • One click trial signup for video services, directly in the app
      • Brand new “kids” experience
      • New TV OS update this May
      • TV app coming to macOS this fall
      • Apple TV app coming to smart TVs
        • Samsung this spring
        • LG
        • Sony
        • Vizio
        • Roku
        • firetv
      • Coming to 100+ countries
      • Apple TV + (this is a big deal)
        • All new original video content service to compete with Netflix and Prime
        • Some big players involved
          • Steven Spielberg
          • Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell announce new show (Morning Show)
          • Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard
          • JJ Abrams, Sarah Bareilles
          • M. Night Shyamalan
          • Oprah Winfrey.

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