Apple Delays Cross-Platform “Marzipan” UI?

Synopsis: This week on the podcast, Michael and Alex dive deeper into the topic of “Marzipan,” the code-named cross-platform UI that supposedly would be announced at WWDC this June (we think it’s been delayed?). If you haven’t been keeping up on the reasons why this shift is happening on Apple’s platforms, what it means for developers and consumers, and why you should care, you might want to listen to our previous podcast where we introduce the topic.

There is indeed an active cross-platform UI project at Apple for iOS and MacOS. It may have been codenamed “Marzipan” at one point, but if so only in its earliest days. My various little birdies only know of the project under a different name, which hasn’t leaked publicly yet. There are people at Apple who know about this project who first heard the name “Marzipan” when Gurman’s story was published. – John Gruber

Apple Delays Cross-Platform "Marzipan" UI?

Duration: 32:30:00

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight

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