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Synopsis: This week on the podcast, Twitter has a problem. A problem that’s been getting worse, year over year. After getting lambasted last week by thousands of users for doing nothing to quash rampant racism, hate speech, and doxing, it seems that Twitter is poised to finally take action.

CEO, Jack Dorsey has publicly announced they will reveal what they’ve been working on to make the platform a safer place. A place where its users don’t have to be concerned with a deluge of sexual assault threats, death threats, racism, and hate speech.

The impetus for all of this seems to have been caused by sexual assault accusations on Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein by numerous actresses in Hollywood, including Rose McGowan. It subsequently led to a boycott of the platform by many.

And lastly, we have some interesting updates in VR from Oculus Rift.

So don’t go anywhere, because that’s coming up next on The Impromptu.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook must “shape up” to tackle racism and abuse, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Yesterday, some Twitter users began a 24 hour boycott of the social media platform after the company suspended actress Rose McGowan’s account. Twitter has taken notice, and last night, CEO Jack Dorsey pledged that it will take a “more aggressive stance” in enforcing its rules, and that it will begin rolling out new rules in the coming weeks to try and curb some of the unwanted behavior that appears on the platform.


Duration: 48:51:00

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight

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