Happy 200th! With Special Guests Jason DeFillippo and Harry Marks

Synopsis: We celebrate our 200th episode by bringing Jason DeFillippo of the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast and Harry Marks of Covered podcast to cover this mornings Apple Event. New iPad, iPhones, Apple Watch, and updates on Apple services.

CHappy 200th! With Special Guests Jason DeFillippo and Harry Marks

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Duration: 1:29:00

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight, Jason DeFillippo, Harry Marks

Episode Notes

Apple Special Event. Sept 10, 2019

Services updates

Apple Arcade

  • unlimited access to exclusive games across iOS/tvOS

  • personalized recommendations

  • game guides

  • partnerships with Konami

    • Frogger demo (modern take on the 80s arcade classic)
  • Capcom game demo

    • Shinsekai
  • Annapurna game demo

    • Sayonara Wildhearts
  • Apple Arcade launches Sept 19th (in over 150 countries)

    • Costs $4.99/month for your entire family

Apple TV+

  • Trailer of a new show called “See.” Takes place hundreds of years in the future where humanity has lost the ability see. Available Nov 1st.
  • Pricing: $4.99/month for the entire family (wow)
  • Starting today, if you buy an Apple TV or iOS device, you’ll get one year of Apple TV+ for free.


Introducing, the new 7th generation iPad.

  • 10.5” display
  • More than 3x pixels
  • 3.7x wider viewing angle
  • A10 chip
  • 2x brighter
  • Includes smart connector
  • support for apple pencil
  • 100% recycled aluminum chassis (a first)
  • Starting at $329 USD.
  • Ships at the end of September

Apple Watch

  • Shared health scares from Apple Watch users and how it saved their lives. The health aspect of the product is still the most compelling reason to own one.

  • Health study updates

    • Hearing
    • Women’s infertility
    • Apple Heart & Movement
    • You can opt-in to the study to share data with the Apple Research app
  • Series 5 hardware

    • New ALWAYS ON display (hell yes!)

    • LTPO display tech (refreshes dynamically from 60Hz to 1Hz)

    • built-in compass

      • new compass app
      • add it to a complication
      • see your direction on Apple Maps
    • 911 emergency dialling

      • Now international
    • Aluminum models are now 100% recycled. Silver, Black, Gold.

    • New Titanium models (Silver and Black)

    • New Ceramic – White

    • New Nike+ watch band models

    • New Hermes models (with all black finish)

    • GPS models start at $399 and $499 for Cellular

    • Available September 20th


  • iPhone 11

    • Toughest anodized aluminum ever

    • comes in six new colours

      • yellow, purple, white, green, red
    • Same 6.1” Liquid Retina display as the XR

    • Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos

    • Dual camera system with a new wide and ultra wide mode

      • Updated smart HDR
      • multi-scale tone mapping
      • Updated processing pipeline (better face detection
      • New automatic night mode detection for better lit photos with less noise
      • Shoot ultra wide video with even better image stabilization
      • Extended dynamic range in 4k
      • New “QuickTake” video mode from the default photo mode in the camera app
      • Front TrueDepth camera updated to 12MP with wide mode support
        • Capture in 4k as well
        • New “Slowfie” (slow motion self portrait)
    • A13 Bionic processor

      • Game demos to show off the A13 (Pascal’s Wager)
    • 1 hour more battery life than iPhone Xr

    • Pricing

      • $699
  • iPhone 11 Pro/Max

    • Most advanced design ever

    • new matt textured finish

    • all new “midnight green” colour and a new gold

    • Surgical grade metal same as before

    • Comes in 5.8 and 6.5” display

      • p3 wide colour and TrueTone
      • 1200 nits and 15% more energy efficient
      • Super Retina XDR display
    • A13 Bionic with 6x faster machine learning

      • 1 trillion operations per second
      • Updated ML controller
      • Most low power system on a chip ever
      • 7nm package with 8.5 billion transistors
    • Battery life:

      • 11 Pro: 4 more hours than iPhone Xs
      • 11 Pro Max: 5 more hours than iPhone Xs Max
    • 18W USB-C AC charger (goodbye 5watt)

    • Camera

      • New ultra wide 120 degree field of view
      • 12MP wide camera
      • telephoto lens (4x optical zoom)
      • New “Deep Fusion” tech that uses ML and shoots 9 images to create the best possible photo.
      • Updated photo app to easily edit exposure in videos
      • Video emphasizing the rigorous testing iPhone 11 went through to ensure it’s the most resilient to drops
      • Pricing
        • $999 for iPhone 11 Pro
        • Phone Pro Max starts at $1199 and ships on Sept 20

Apple Retail

  • Apple Watch Studio (online or in-store)

    • Now you can customize any case with any band that you want
  • Apple Trade In

    • with low monthly payments
  • Apple 5th Ave re-opening in New York City

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