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iPhone X Apple Store Launch Day Blunder

Synopsis: This week on the podcast, iPhone X launch day! But, things aren’t rosy for everyone. Michael’s 5am arrival at the Coquitlam Centre Apple Store on launch day was not a good experience. Hint, he came home empty handed.

In an unsurprising turn of events, many waiting in line were only buying an iPhone X to resell for a tidy profit. How do we know this? Because everyone that bought two iPhones had Android devices on them. Normally a two item limit per customer is not uncommon in retail, but this time, we’re talking about a high priced item that is incredibly popular and extremely supply constrained.

Apple admitted they would not have the same level of quantities we’re used to at launch. Unfortunately for consumers, there’s no much that can be done about it. Apple will sell as many as they can to whomever is willing to pay. What is in their power to change, is improving the waiting experience. And what about people selling high priced tickets for a place in line? Yep, that happened too.

Was this just one rogue Apple Store, or is it indicative of what most people experience? Stick around to hear our discussion and get all the juicy details. That’s coming up next on The Impromptu.

Tim Cook at the Apple Store in Palo Alto on iPhone X launch day

Duration: 48:36:00

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight

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