iPhone X Preorder Extravaganza

Synopsis: This week on the podcast, millions of people waited with credit in hand to preorder Apple’s iPhone X. Many did not manage to snag one fast enough, and thus were greeted with the unfortunate news of waiting until November or December for it to ship. Our friend and co-host, Michael was one of those people whose Apple Store app failed to load at 12:01 midnight on that morning of Oct 27. But Michael has a strategy that may work to secure an iPhone on launch day, which is Nov 3rd. Waiting in line at 5:00am at an Apple Store. The strategy seems reasonable. Some held off on ordering iPhone 8, it’s possible that lines will be smaller this year because of the higher price tag of iPhone X. And remember, for many people, iPhone 8 is probably going to be good enough. We don’t all need to live on the absolute cutting edge of mobile hardware design.

And at the tail end of the episode, following last week’s announcement of Super Mario Odyssey preorders, Michael has his copy and divulges just how incredible the game is. Stay tuned for that discussion and more, that’s coming up next on The Impromptu.

iPhone X

Duration: 53::44

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight

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