The Impromptu


The Impromptu is a weekly podcast, hosted by Michael Norton and Alex Knight. It’s a multi-faceted show discussing how technology, design, and economics converge on topics that matter most to us. We examine the creative process and how the decisions we make, shape our perceptions and lives.

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  • 26: Rage Against The Job Stealing Machines

    Synopsis: CES isn’t entirely exciting, but there are some things in the 4K TV space that are for 2016. Michael and Alex quickly shift from hardware discussion to something more […]

  • 25: Too Trek, Too Furious

    Synopsis: What’s wrong with the Stat Trek: Beyond trailer? Michael and Alex talk about their grievances and how the reboot movies don’t feel Star Trek enough. What are laser projectors […]

  • 24: People Are Still Talking About A Battery Case

    Synopsis: Everyone wants to talk about how much they hate Apple’s new iPhone case, but that’s the most interesting thing Michael and Alex wanted to discuss. Tune in to listen […]

  • 23: Everyone Likes to Complain

    Synopsis: Michael confronts Alex on his recent WordPress woes that kept him up all night. They also discussed what exactly is the current state of WordPress and where it’s headed, […]

  • 22: Adele Takes Over The World?

    Synopsis: Michael and Alex talk about Adele’s choice to not make her music available on any streaming services. What are the consequences of this and what does it mean for […]