YouTube Tackles Conspiracies

Synopsis: This week on the podcast, we’re here to tell you that the moon is really green and it’s made of cheese. That’s right, everything you know about the moon is a lie. No, just kidding. Last year Facebook got a lot of flack for not doing anything to stave off the deluge of Russian propaganda and fake news in general, and now they’ve finally decided to do something about it. And now YouTube is finally doing something about this too. This week, YouTube announced they’re going to be making changes, sort of similar to what Facebook is doing, to flag content that could be considered conspiracy theories or propaganda of some kind. Is this a good thing? Most certainly yes, but it doesn’t fully solve the problem. We get into that discussion and more, including an update on Nintendo Labo. Stay tuned for that, that’s coming up next on The Impromptu.


Duration: 29:57:00

Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight

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