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10: The Best Laptop for Writers

ThinkPad T460

On this episode I’ll answer the tech question writers ask me the most: which laptop should I buy? My specific answer varies depending on the writer, but there’s one laptop series I end up recommending 80% of the time. And I bet you’re dying to know what it is.

Duration: 16:05:33

Present: K. Tempest Bradford.

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Episode Links

ThinkPad T Series Reviews

  • The Best Student Laptop — In which I talk about why the T450s is the best for students. Most of the reasons I cite are the same for why it’s great for writers.
  • ThinkPad T450s Reviews: PCMag | LaptopMag | The Wirecutter calls it the Best Business Laptop
  • LaptopMag’s Avram Piltch, a ThinkPad expert, rates the ThinkPad T460 higher than the T460s.

Buy a ThinkPad T Series Laptop

Other Good Laptops For Writers

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1 thought on “10: The Best Laptop for Writers

  1. This was great – really super. The explanations were clear and concise (sometimes economy is painful for writers) – thanks so much!

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