12: A Conversation with Author Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott is best known for her thick epic fantasy tomes. She needs some serious writing gear to get through all those words and to keep all those characters, plots, and settings straight, right? In this conversation she talks about her tools and process.

Duration: 12:54:00

Present: K. Tempest Bradford, Kate Elliott.

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Episode Links

Kate’s Gear

Kate’s Books

  • The Beatriceid (novella) — I heard this read live and loved it. It works even if you haven’t yet read the Spiritwalker series.
    Set before the start of Cold Magic, The Beatriceid is a brand new, standalone short story written in Iambic Pentameter that reimagines The Aeneid in a feminist, Phonecian light.
  • Kate Elliott Amazon Author Page
  • Official Website
  • Header Image copyright April Quintanilla
  • I Make Up Worlds — Kate’s Blog

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