15: Evernote for Writers #2 – Writing in Evernote

Evernote is great for notes and research and making the writing life a bit more organized, but is it also a good place to get writing done? While the app can’t replace a full-fledged text editor, it does have some benefits as a place to get writing done while you’re away from your computer. Authors M. K. Hobson and Aude Konan talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using Evernote for writing and author Jaime Todd Rubin offers up one more way Evernote can be a great writing day companion.

Duration: 12:06:00

Present: K. Tempest Bradford.

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This Week’s Guests

  • M. K. Hobson, author of The Native Star, The Hidden Goddess, and The Warlock’s Curse.
  • Aude Konan, author of Ma Petite Soeur, Les Chats Errants, and The Baby Gun (script).
  • Jamie Todd Rubin, former Evernote Paperless Ambassador. Check out his Going Paperless blog for a metric ton of Evernote tips.


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