17: Evernote for Writers #4 – Using Evernote for Research

It’s all been leading up to this! Collecting and organizing research is what most writers want to use Evernote for, and is also where the app can get overwhelming. But now that you know how to use it to capture handwritten or typed text, and now that you have strategies for organizing with notebooks and tags, you’re ready to start pulling all your research in. In this episode I talk about the powerful Web Clipper function as well as how Evernote can be a great Scrivener companion.

Duration: 19:03:00

Present: K. Tempest Bradford, M. K. Hobson, Aude Konan.

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This Week’s Guests

  • M. K. Hobson, author of The Native Star, The Hidden Goddess, and The Warlock’s Curse.
  • Aude Konan, author of Ma Petite Soeur, Les Chats Errants, and The Baby Gun.

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