5: Is The uni-ball Jetstream Really The Best Pen?

Two years ago The Wirecutter declared the uni-ball Jetstream the Best (non-fountain) Pen based on the testimony of pen experts. How does their pick measure up to your favorite pen? I tested it against my own top picks. Listen to find out if I threw all my old pens away in favor of the Jetstream.

Duration: 08:56:00

Present: K. Tempest Bradford.

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Episode Links

uni-ball Jetstream

  • The Wirecutter — The response from the experts was unanimous: when it comes to a great pen for every day and everybody, you should get the uni-ball Jetstream.
  • Buy it on Amazon

Pentel EnerGel

Tempest’s Gear

  • Buy it on Amazon or JetPens
  • JetPens’ Pentel EnerGel Comprehensive Guide — “Amongst pen aficionados, Pentel’s EnerGel pens have been touted as the workhorse pen. Boasting buttery smooth writing, crisp lines, and intensely pigmented color, its extremely fast-drying liquid gel ink is a godsend to lefties everywhere. With a variety of models on the market, let’s unpack and explain the different offerings of the EnerGel line.”
  • No Pen Intended review: Pentel EnerGel Metal-tip RT Gel Pen – 0.7mm – “American” vs. “Japanese” — “These are, without a doubt, THE BEST EnerGel pens I have ever used. Not just because they are smooth/consistent/write in my favorite color, but because they and they alone seemed to not fall prey to the problem I have had with EVERY SINGLE OTHER EnerGel pen I’ve tried…”

Parker refills

Tempest’s Gear

  • Buy them on Amazon or JetPens
  • CultPens — “The ‘Parker-style’ ballpoint refill is actually a standard pattern refill known as the G2, and is used by many manufacturers for their ballpoint pens. It was originally created by Parker, and is best known as their refill, but it is now an ISO standard, and is used by many different pen brands.”
  • A few pens that use Parker-style refills

Pen Experts

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