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12: A Conversation with Author Kate Elliott

A Conversation With Author Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott is best known for her thick epic fantasy tomes. She needs some serious writing gear to get through all those words and to keep all those characters, plots, and settings straight, right? In this conversation she talks about her tools and process. Duration: 12:54:00 Present: K. Tempest Bradford, Kate Elliott. Subscribe to The…

The Write Gear

11: Liliputing – Small And Light Laptops for Writers

Last episode I declared the ThinkPad T Series the best laptop for writers. However, many authors prefer to write on small, light, and inexpensive laptops they can carry everywhere. I turned to tiny laptop expert Brad Linder to find out which of the current crop of netbook-like computers are worth using and to geek out…

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9: From Farscape to Fountain Pens – A Conversation with Richard Manning

From Farscape to Fountain Pens

I chat with television writer and producer Richard Manning about fountain pens and ask him novice questions. Science fiction and fantasy geeks may recognize Manning’s name from his work on Farscape, Star Trek: The Next Generation, TekWar, Sliders, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Exosquad, and more. In this episode he reveals which TV star inspired…